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Pam studied Design Exhibition Display and Graphics in the 1980’s and throughout her life she has produced small pieces of work, which mainly have sold via word of mouth. 

After raising her family, Pam began working full time looking after marginalised people, however, art has always been a passion and influence to her since she was a child. 

In April 2009, Pam was at a Christian conference at Lytham St. Anne’s when someone had a prophesy for her. The prophecy was that God had given her a gift of art and creativity and she hadn’t used it for a while and He wanted her to start using it again. In September 2009 in God’s presence she had a vision that she had gone to the Lord with a small bowl, holding it up to Him, He filled it and gave her a small paint brush and a huge canvas. She knew that the Lord was speaking directly to her and she had to do something about it. Very soon after this she began getting pictures in her time with God. They didn’t stop until she did them. These have been on-going, the first one being the Crown of Thorns to the largest one of an 8ft tall Jesus on the cross which is called Priceless. 

Pam has had a number of exhibitions and displays work frequently. She has also received awards for her work.  

Pam has also written a book 'Words Behind the Pictures' which can be purchased from our site and is currently finishing her second book about her life - keep checking our news page for release date.


David enjoys photography when he gets the opportunity. 

After producing various pieces of work he decided to formally study in 2010.

He does not have a 'particular' subject he is interested in, things just catch his eye and he aims to convey what he sees to other people. Pam has reproduced some of David's work on canvas from his original images, these can be seen in Pam's paintings. David mainly sells work through exhibitions and like Pam, via word of mouth. 



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